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NEP implementation: 4-year UG programme to come up in Delhi University

Legal Correspondent: Utkarsh Sinha

September 01, 2021: Delhi University is all set to roll out the four-year undergraduate course (UGC) programme from the next academic session that is 2022-2023 as a part of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The implementation of the NEP and four-year UG programme was approved by the standing committee on Academic Matters and the Academic Council last week. This was the third National Education Policy which came in the year 2020. The other two was in the years 1968 and 1986. The need for such policy was first felt in 1964 and thus a 17-member Education Commission, headed by D S Kothari was constituted to draft a national and coordinated policy on education. Then based on some suggestions, parliament passed the first education policy in 1968. The second education policy came in 1986. The NEP of 1986 was revised in the year 1992 and the third is the NEP of 2020 which replaced NEP 1986.

The four-year undergraduate programme has multiple entry and exit options along with both online and offline mode of learning, that is expected to allow student flexibility and will give qualifications based on the number of years they have studied, that is, a certificate for completing one year, a diploma in two, a three-year degree or a four-year undergraduate degree if they complete the course, also bank of credits which is an academic repository of a student’s credits that they have earned in college. Dr. Vikas Gupta, the registrar of the University of Delhi (DU) said, “the four-year UG pragramme has been given a nod and got an approval by the Academic Council with the suggestion that reshuffling of papers will be allowed with prior permission.” This means that the students will be allowed to choose the papers that they want to study for their course. Lateral entry of students will also be permitted that is if after studying in DU for some time, if a student wants to shift to another institution they can do so. However, in order to accept such entries to DU, assessment of seats and infrastructure available will be done and entrance exams will have to be cleared for the re-admission. Also under the new rules, the university will provide a choice between a three-year hons. course or a four-year hons. course, which includes one year of research. About the PG course, the duration of the post-graduation course will depend on the duration of the UG degree. In Sept. 2020, a 43 membered committee was formed to look into the implementation of the New National Education Policy in the University of Delhi. The committee comprised of principals, teachers and professors, headed by Prof. Vivek Suneja, dean of the faculty of Management Studies.

The new Education Policy 2020 is in many ways is just what the country needs, as it necessary for the development of the country’s human resource and for it to create world’s largest workforce in coming years. The government has set a target of 2040 to implement the entire policy.


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