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Managing Committee Resolution on the establishment of New Platforms, March 03, 2021

A General Body meeting of Aequitas Victoria Foundation was held under the Presidentship of Smt. Pranati Boruah, President on 13/03/2021.

In the meeting, the Committee passed the following resolutions:

1. A yearbook compiling all the news articles published throughout the year in Aequitas Victoria Newsletter shall be prepared through a collaboration between Gautami Chakrabarty (Manager, Aequitas Victoria Newsletter), Jayanta Boruah (Hon’ble Member, Managing Committee), and Sarthak Aryan (Hon’ble Member, Managing Committee).

2. Mr. Jayanta Boruah (Hon’ble Member, Managing Committee) shall prepare all the details of the Aequitas Victoria Research Center and the agenda ahead in consultation with Dr. Rangaswami D. (Chief Coordinator, Aequitas Victoria Research Center).

3. A new platform for the publication of books shall be established as soon as possible under the name Aequitas Victoria Book Publication Center.

4. A new Cell shall be established under the name (Legal Intern Assessment Cell (LIAC) and accordingly steps shall be initiated by Mr. Sarthak Aryan (Hon’ble Member, Managing Committee).

5. A new Committee of Advocates shall be constituted within six months to decide over the establishment of a Legal Aid Cell for providing free Legal Assistance to the needy people.

6. A Skill Development and Victims Rehabilitation Center (SDVRC) shall be thought upon and a committee shall be constituted on the behalf who shall submit a report within one year or before the Third Foundation Day of Aequitas Victoria Foundation which is due on August 15, 2022, whichever is earlier under the Chairmanship of Advocate Dr. Lalan Prasad Thakuria.

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