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False cyber security claims will lead to a lawsuit, tells US Department of Justice.

14th October 2021: Brian Boynton, the Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division at the US Department of Justice has recently elaborated the new tool for knowing the misuse of taxpayer funds as well as false cyber security claims.

According to the report it has come to know that the False Claims Act which was enacted during the Civil War, is also going to be applied to the false cyber security claims. According to this Act if anyone intentionally submits or causes any submission of false claims to the government and if the government faces losses for it then the government can claim up to three times of the losses it faced from the wrong-doer and will also be liable to a plus penalty for each false claim.

It is going to happen through an information security lens if any organization does any kind of fraud through businesses as a Civil Cyber Fraud Initiative.

The US Department of Justice said that they are going to impose this Act and these rules for those contractors or grantees who intentionally breach cyber security requirements or misrepresent their compliance with the requirements which are needed by the government. If these kinds of breaches happen then the organization will be held accountable based on the False Claims Act. If it is imposed properly then the governmental authorities, as well as the whole federal system, will be benefitted and cyber risk will be reduced.


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