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Bachpan: A Dream

Painting by- Srishti

(Student at Hindu College, University of Delhi)

Article by- Payal Swar

(Student at National Law University, Assam)

Childhood's a dream that we've all lived and absolutely miss, don't we? Although for the majority of us this would be true but for some of us, our childhoods weren't as fairy a tale. For some of us it was a rose garden but the rest of us had to have nothing but just the thorns to ourselves. While most of us wanted to touch the moon, the rest of us had to be out there facing the scorching sun way before we should've had to. Summer vacations used to be fun for most of us but for some of us, it'd only remind us that unlike others, we do not have a home where we could spend time with our parents.

What they called home, we called orphanage. Their parents were our strangers visiting once in a while. Their birthday parties were us wearing the relatively newer clothes with no visible holes in it. Their families were our dreams. While they could be and were happy, hope was all that we had to keep holding on to. For we knew that a day would come when we will be parents and we will build a home and we will spend that vacation with our kids and we will be happy. Someday we will visit an orphanage and spend time with the kids and try to give them a small peace of our heaven. Someday we will have families of our own and our kids would want to touch the moon. Someday we will make their lives fairy tales for them to reminiscent when they grow old.

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