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Apple criticizes the practice of sideloading apps as these lead to malware and cyber threats

-Rima Mondal

5th November 2021: Recently Craig Federighi, the Senior Vice President of Apple has gave a speech at Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon. He was asked about the stance of his Company and to share his thoughts about the recently introduced 'Digital Markets Act'. According to this Act, Apple might be forced to allow the installation of apps on iPhones from outside other than the App Store.

It is known to all that Apple has never compromised to give protection and security to their users and iPhones have been highly praised for their safe and secure ecosystem. This is the reason for which Craig Federighi has told that such allowance and non-restrictions of installation may lead the users to malware and other cyber threats. He also gave a comparison between Android systems and iOS systems for their security coverage. As stated by him there are around 5 million Android attacks per month whereas the iOS system doesn't get such threat for its restrictions on the installation of apps.

According to him, if the Act allows sideloading of apps then the rate of cyber threats and breaches of security will get higher than ever and this sideloading of apps is the most convenient thing for cybercriminals for attacking the users. Many iPhone users even don't know about these kinds of attacks as they never faced them. So, the decision is all up to the legislation.


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