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According to reports, Israeli Cyber firm NSO Group is planning to sell its most controversial spywar

Legal Correspondent: Rima Mondal

14th December 2021: Israeli Cyber Firm NSO Group has been facing danger on non-payment of its debts, of which it has only way to get rid of its due debts and that is selling its most controversial spyware unit Pegasus along with its whole company.

According to reports, NSO Group is planning to sell the Pegasus unit and the whole company to two American funds which have promised for controlling and closing the Pegasus unit. Though about the whole plan for selling the company, NSO Group has refused to talk about this matter.

Pegasus software has to be closed on account of violation of the privacy of mobile phone users. This software can track a user's phone which is undoubtedly a violation of human rights as well. According to NSO Group, this spyware was only sold for preventing criminal activities and terrorist acts. But according to recent reports, this spyware was supplied to governments that used the spyware on political dissidents, journalists, and human rights activists as well. These kinds of activities amount to gross negligence and violation of human rights and privacy.


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