1. To create awareness amongst the masses by providing information related to Law and Rights of the people through various mediums, like by organizing legal awareness campaigns, conferences, seminars, etc.;

  2. To provide legal advice on demand free of cost from eminent Advocates specialized in the concerned area of law and to guide everyone who strives for Justice legally;

  3. To provide a platform for making Court procedures easier for the Clients who want to approach the Judiciary for seeking Justice by arranging better communications between the Clients and the efficient Advocates who are well experienced in the field of law in which the Client needs assistance; 

  4. To provide legal education to the young and desired candidates who are interested in knowing the law through courses designed by eminent experts in the field of law;

  5.  To provide for internship opportunities under eminent Advocates for Law Students in order to make them pioneers in the field of Advocacy; and

  6. To provide for several other training opportunities along with building an environment for research in various aspects of law in order to strive for excellence in the field of law, since striving for excellence has also been provided as a Fundamental Duty of every Indian Citizen under the Constitution of India.

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