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These helpline details are only for clarifying doubts relating to the publication and distribution policies of the magazine and shall be active from 10:00 AM -05:00 PM on Sundays.

Phone:             +91 8473808112




Date of Inauguration:

August 15, 2020

Frequency of Publication:

Monthly (One issue per month and one volume per year)

Mode of Publication:


Medium of Publication:



It shall cover both International as well as National news from 22 different fields of law which are-

1. Constitutional Law

2. Health Law

3. Human Rights Law

4. Humanitarian Law

5. International Law

6. Business Law

7. Insurance Law

8. Consumer and Banking Law

9. Tax Law

10. Criminal Law

11. Civil Law

12. Cyber Law

13. Air and Space Law

14. Sports Law

15. Education Law and Policies

16. Entertainment Law

17. Environmental Law

18. Alternative Dispute Resolution

19. Intellectual Property Rights

20. Martial Law

21. Media Law

22. Family Law

In addition to news from the above field of laws, the senior editors might also bring out their scholarly insights under the opinion column on the recent happenings in the field of law.


-To provide information about the latest happenings in the concerned field of laws.

-To build a habit of news reading amongst the law students across the country.

-To facilitate with general knowledge in the concerned field of laws to the law students

-To develop a spirit of legal journalism amongst the young generation.

-To spread legal awareness amongst the common people of the nation.



For Legal Correspondents:

-Knowledge in the field of law.
-Good writing skills
-Shall have minimum one publication in a reputed law journal

For Senior Editors:

-Must be a Faculty of Law
-Must have a Post-Graduate Degree
-Must have minimum 3 publications in reputed law journals or in the form of ISBN Book Chapters

For Designers:

-Must have good creative skills in the field of art and designing.
-Must have knowledge regarding Canva software.

Note: All are required to submit a photo and a Resume of maximum 2 pages for filling up the application form below



All the senior editors/reviewers and the legal correspondents shall be provided with a Certificate of experience for working in this Newsletter after successful completion of one year service and in addition to publication of minimum 24 articles (for the legal correspondents only) signed by 6 eminent professionals from the field of academics, media, legal profession and Founder President of Aequitas Victoria.

Note: We do not provide salary or remuneration of any kind to anyone as of now.



1. The newsletter is not open for submission from outsiders. However, any student of law or legal professional can become a legal correspondent for this newsletter on fulfillment of required formalities which shall be specified after communication of the application form.

2. The legal correspondents after being selected shall stay in the group for a time period of minimum one month in order to learn the process of the team and then only shall be asked for submitting write ups on field of law that shall be given by the senior editorial board.

3. The senior editors on the other hand shall be appointed on the advice of the Board of Advisors (BOA) and the Core Team (CT) after receipt of the application.

4. The Editor-in-Chief shall be an expert in the field of law and shall also be a member of BOA whose position shall be a permanent one unless resigned or decided to the contrary by a majority vote of the CT as well as BOA separately.

5. The Associate Editors shall be experts from the field of journalism and shall also be members of BOA. There is no limitation as regards the number of Associate Editors. Their positions are permanent in nature unless resigned or removed by a majority vote of the CT.

6. All the members are bound by the Rules and Regulations of the organization which shall be communicated to them by virtue of their appointment letters.



Role of Editor-in-Chief:

The Editor-in-Chief is the in-charge of the entire newsletter team and shall act as a communicator between the Senior Editors and the CT. The decision of the Chief Editor shall always be an ultimate one in matters relating to selection of legal correspondents to the team. The Editor-in-Chief shall also be eligible to make appointments of Senior Editors, however subject to the decision of BOA and CT in this regard.

Role of Associate Editors:

The Associate Editors shall look into the ethics of journalism and shall guide the team with their experience. Their decision shall be final as regards to the design, scope, formalities and layout of the newsletter.

Role of Senior Editors/Reviewers:

They shall be responsible for approving the topics submitted by the legal correspondents and shall guide the correspondents in every matters relating to the drafting of the articles. After submission of the articles, it is their responsibility to review and edit the articles wherever necessary and to submit them to the chief editor.

Role of Board of Advisors:

The members of the BOA shall be submitted with the draft copy of the newsletter for each issue by the BOE who shall be free to provide their views and suggestions. The BOE shall pay regard to such views and suggestions and shall take their final decision regarding publication of the final copy. The BOA is also responsible for taking decisions regarding selection, removal and resignation of Chief Editors and Associate Editors on majority basis. However such decisions are not mandatory on the CT. But decisions on appointment and removal of Senior Editors shall be binding on CT unless revoked by CT on a majority basis.

Role of Legal Correspondents:

They are responsible to follow all the guidelines, rules and regulations provided to them during their appointments.




1. All the legal correspondents who will be submitting their write ups shall submit their topics
to the senior editors for approval.

2. Upon approval they shall write the articles by complying with the format and guidelines
provided to them.

3. They shall then submit the same to their respective mentors who shall go for rigorous
review of all the write ups submitted to them and then shall submit the same to the Chief

4. The Chief Editor after collecting all the write-ups shall send them to the format reviewer
who after reviewing the format shall submit the same for grammatical checks.

5. After grammatical checks, the same write ups shall be submitted to the designing team who
shall design the draft and submit the draft to the Associate Editors.

6. The Associate Editors shall look into the scope, layout, format and designing of the

7. The draft shall then be submitted to each of the members from BOA for suggestions and
comments and also to all the members of the newsletter team for final review.

8. After implementing all the suggestions and corrections, the final draft shall be prepared
and submitted to the Chief Editor.

9. The Chief Editor shall then submit the draft to the CT.

10. The newsletter shall then be released with the permission of the CT.

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