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Role of Administrative Section

The Administrative Section consists of the Executive Committee, The Disciplinary Committee, the Grievance Redressal Committee, the Media Cell, the RTI Cell, the Event Managers, and the IT Section. The entire Administrative Section performs the sole responsibility of administering all the activities of the organization. All the officials of the Administrative Section are appointed by the Managing Committee of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation as per the General Rules of Conduct of the organization.
The Administrative Section is headed by the Executive Committee which is again formed by the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Officers, Content Designers, and Event Managers. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for maintaining all the records of the official members of the organization and monitoring the executive matters of the organization. The CEO is responsible for reporting to the Managing Committee about the requirements and the processes of the organization. For the journal, the CEO is responsible for receiving all communications from the general public and coordinating them to the respective members of the organization to whom such communications were addressed. Further, the CEO is also responsible for maintaining the records of the members, assets, processes, etc. that were assisting and applied respectively in the publication process. The executive members are responsible for managing their respective platforms and the executive members appointed for managing the journal are responsible for coordinating amongst the different levels of review committees in the process of publication and for maintaining communication with the author(s) and the general public. The Content Designers are responsible for designing the layout of the journal and for editing the graphical contents of the figures to be published in the journal. The event managers are responsible for managing and hosting any events like Conferences, Competitions, Seminars, etc.
The Disciplinary Committee is formed by the senior members of the organization to look into the matters related to maintenance of internal discipline of the organization as well as for maintaining the General and other Special Codes of Conduct of the organization on the lines of the existing laws of the land in force.
The Grievance Redressal Committee is formed by members having experience in the field of law and other principal members of the Managing Committee to justify and address the grievances filed against the organization as a whole or any member, or committee, or any board under the organization either by any outsider or from members, committee, board from within the organization.
The members of the media cell are responsible for promoting the services of the organization in various fields and also in establishing relationships with the public at large.
The IT Section is an important wing of the organization since the major part of the organization is dependent on online technology. The IT Section is responsible for performing various functions starting from website designing to maintaining all technical activities of the organization.

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