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Disclosure and Transparency

Annual International Journal on Social Science Affairs intends to publish quality research works and makes all possible efforts to remove human subjective biases. For maintenance of such quality and commitment, the journal follows several Rules of Conduct and Ethical Standards as fixed by different legally recognized laws and policies.
The journal for avoiding the subjective bias of the Board of Editors or any other members of the organization or influences from external sources which might be due to any personal or professional relationship with any of the author(s), maintains a blind peer review system where the names and designations of the author(s) are removed at the technical review phase itself by the content managers from the administrative section of the organization who are independent of the publication process of the journal and paper codes are assigned to all the submissions. While the members of the technical review committee are interchanged with the members of other committees after the publication of each volume to avoid any kind of unfavourable circumstances.
For maintaining high-quality research publication, the journal follows a rigorous review process that is discussed in detail under the Review Process section, do kindly refer to the section for more updates. However, all the authors will be informed about the status of their submissions during the entire phase of the review process as well as during the publication process. If any submission is rejected at any phase of the review, the journal team will not disclose the reasons since the statuses are communicated by the Administrative Section who are independent of the review committee. But all authors have their inherent right to inquire for reasons and feedback from the Expert Committee along with suggestions for future improvement and even special sessions for learning the skills of writing a research paper or other categories for submission by a mail addressing to the Editorial Board of the Journal. The authors shall be provided with all the details as soon as possible which will be communicated by the review committee and in case of a special session by the concerned member of the Expert Committee free of cost, however, charges might be applicable keeping into consideration the expenses of establishing the communication and in case of Special Session, the demand of the concerned member of the Expert Committee. This initiative is established for maintaining transparency in the publication process.

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