Note: The author(s) are requested to go through all the submission guidelines, formatting guidelines and other policies provided herein in order to avoid rejections of their submissions.

1. Co-Authorship is limited to a maximum of two, but in no way, Authorship shall increase more than 3.

2. All submissions must contain proper citations referring to the sources used in writing the concerned Articles and must adhere to the formatting guidelines strictly, failing which will result into summarily rejecting the Articles.

3. Submissions of Research Papers as well as Legal Essays shall include an Abstract within 100-150 words highlighting the novelty of the idea of the Research as well as the Conclusion derived in brief.

4. The Abstract shall contain 4-5 keywords.

5. The Manuscript submitted must not contain any details regarding the Author(s) for which a separate cover letter shall be submitted along with the manuscripts mentioning the details as regards- the name, designation, institution, email id as well as phone numbers of all the Authors, in case the submissions consists of Co-Authors. (Note- all such information shall be used only for the purpose of the Journal and for nothing else).

6. The Manuscript must be in doc. Or docx. Format in word file. Pdf or any other format will not be accepted.

7. Categories under which shall be mentioned in the Manuscript under the main title, like- Research Paper/Legal Essays, etc.

8. All the submissions must also contain a Declaration, the format of which is provided herein at the last.

9. The name of the manuscript file shall be saved in the name of the category under which the submission is made and shall be followed by the name of the author and in case multiple authors then name of anyone of the authors. For example: “Research Paper- XYZ Singh”

10. If the submissions are made through mail then the subject of the mail shall be “Submissions for AIJACLA)