1. The permissible limit of Plagiarism is 15% beyond which, submissions shall be summarily rejected.

2. The submissions shall not include any defamatory, insulting, political, or such other like comments.

3. Gender-neutral terminologies shall be used.

4. The submissions in no way shall exceed the permissible word limits.

5. All the references shall be duly cited.

6. All submissions shall be original, unpublished and shall also not be under consideration anywhere else

7. The decision of the Editorial Board regarding the acceptance and rejection of Articles shall be final

8. The copyright of the articles shall be transferred to the publisher after their publication in the Journal

9. If any defamatory, political, communal, discriminatory, or any such other kind of comments are made injuring the moral sentiments, or legal reputation, of any particular race, community, or other categories of groups of people or individuals, or threatening the integrity and security of the Nation, or injuring the reputation of the Government or the State at International or National levels, or amounting to sedition, in any of the articles and such articles gets published in the journal for which if legal action arises, then the respective author(s) of such articles shall be made individually liable and the Publisher shall not be held liable in any case, provided such articles shall be immediately removed from the journal on receiving intimidation of such allegations from appropriate legal authorities in this behalf.

10. The concerned author(s) shall also be held individually liable for violation of copyrights of third parties and the publisher shall be responsible for removing such articles from the journal immediately after receiving the intimidation of such allegations with requisite proof and evidences in support of such allegations.