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Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA)

Role of Expert Committee

The Expert Committee is formed solely from the members of the Board of Advisors of Aequitas Victoria Foundation based on the expertise in their respective field of law as well as academic experience and excellencies. Even experts from other social science disciplines might be appointed as a member of the Expert Committee.
The Expert Committee is responsible for assessing the quality of the journal and for fixing the standards of quality to be achieved in the future as time progresses. The Expert Committee shall lay down rules and parameters to determine the quality of submissions during the review process to ensure quality publications for the best interests of the readers.
The Expert Committee is also responsible for advising the BOE in matters related to maintenance of all legal requirements for getting indexed in the global database and for maintaining a high Publication Impact Factor. The Expert Committee needs to guide the Managing Committee of the organization for maintaining the best publication ethics in the long run.
They are also responsible to provide suggestions to the BOE in matters related to the appointment of external referees, forming of required committees, and determining the eligibility of members of the review committees.

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