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Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA)

Role of Editorial Board

The Board of Editors (BOE) for Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs is appointed from amongst the members of Board of Advisors of Aequitas Victoria Foundation as well as from outside the organization considering the geographical diversity as regards representation amongst the Editorial members and the eligibility and experience as determined by the Expert Committee and the majority members of the Board of Advisors by the Managing Committee of Aequitas Victoria Foundation.
The Editor-in-Chief is responsible to monitor the entire editorial process and providing recommendations to the members of BOE for maintaining quality standards of the journal. The Chief Editor is the last person upon whose approval, all the review process of a particular volume of the journal shall be held as completed after which the final draft shall be prepared for further proceedings. The Chief Editor shall be the main signatory for representing the daily affairs of the journal.
The other members of the BOE shall represent the journal to serve the best possible interest at all its levels. The members of BOE are also responsible for appointing and approving the review committees and the referees for completing the peer review process. They in conformity with the Chief Editor shall prepare guidelines, rules of conduct, policies, and other necessary regulations for the smooth functioning of the journal administration.
The BOE is solely responsible for providing updates to the Managing Committee of the organization about all matters relating to the journal.

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