Date of Inauguration:

August 15, 2020

Frequency of Publication:

Annual (One Volume per year)

Plagiarism Software:

Plagiarism Checker X Pro and Turnitin

Mode of Publication:


Medium of Publication:



It is a National Journal dealing with scholarly articles only within the discipline of Law.


1. To provide a platform for Indian legal professionals including Judges, Academicians, Advocates and Students for showcasing their research skills.

2. To build an endeavor of research and analytical attitude amongst the young legal professionals under the experience and guidance of the senior legal experts.

3. To highlight the possible developments needed in the area of law through research and analytical spirits.

4. To encourage the habit of critical analysis and argumentative behavior amongst the law students.

5. To help in policy formulation and legal drafting in India by expressing suggestions brought forward through research skills.

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