We acknowledge and follow the standard parameters for research work set out by University Grants Commission (India) for maintain academic integrity and quality of Higher Education in India. We therefore, call for submissions of original research works and articles under various categories and ensure plagiarism check at all possible during the Peer-review process. We strictly follow the prescribed limits of similarity index and other qualities required for publishing a quality research work under UGC guidelines as provided by (Promotion of Academic Integrity and and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations 2018. For full details click here:

Unpublished Work

We also aim at publishing works that were never published previously by the same author or is not self-plagiarized. Self-plagiarism is also prohibited by UGC for the purpose of maintaining high standards of research work for promoting India’s academic achievements compared to other Nations of the world. According to UGC “reproduction of one’s own previously published work without adequate citation and proper acknowledgement and claiming the most recent work as new and original for any academic advantage amounts to ‘text-recycling’ (also known as ‘Self-plagiarism’ and is not acceptable”. In order to know more about self-plagiarism please read the UGC notice on self-plagiarism by clicking here:

Academic Integrity and Research Ethics

For the purpose of maintaining a global standard of research, we acknowledge several internationally accepted guidelines in addition to UGC guidelines. Following such guidelines are necessary in order to promote the best research works and to maintain academic integrity. We expect all our authors and associated members to follow such guidelines for maintain the quality of this journal as per the global standards. The principle guidelines can be accessed from-

Guidence from Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)

The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, 2017,and%20for%20all%20research%20settings

Scientific Values: Ethical Guidelines and Procedures, 2018 by Indian Academy of Science

And all other such guidelines


Besides making all our best efforts, if any article infringes anyone’s copyright, or is found self-plagiarized subsequent to the publication of such articles, or if violates any of the above guidelines leading to malicious or unethical practices against academic integrity, the publisher shall not be responsible. However, the author(s) may be held liable for such indecent activities and the publisher on receipt of allegations of any such nature of activities being committed by any author(s) shall remove such articles immediately from the journal as well as from the database of the website.

Open Access

Open access means that this Journal is open for everyone to access within the territory of India.     

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